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Khaki Campbell Ducklings Details

Day Old Baby Khaki Campbell Ducklings

Hatching February to November

Khaki Campbells are good layers, good foragers, and perfectly willing and able to sit on and hatch their eggs. If you want a general-purpose duck for your farm or backyard, a Khaki Campbell is an excellent choice.

Production: As far as egg production goes, Khaki Campbells are probably the best option among domesticated pure breed ducks. They lay between 165 and 210 eggs per year. They also make a good choice for meat ducks.

Temperament: Khaki Campbells are energetic and enjoy foraging.

History: It is not always possible to know how a duck breed developed, but in this case, we do know the history of the breed. One person, Mrs. Adele Campbell, was responsible for Khaki Campbells. Mrs. Campbell lived in Gloucestershire, England in the late 1800s. She wanted a constant supply of roast duckling for her family. While Mrs. Campbell never revealed exactly how she developed the breed, we do have a general idea.

To begin, she crossed an Indian Runner that was an exceptional layer with a Rouen of good size. Later, she bred the resulting offspring with a Mallard to develop hardiness in her breed. Next, Mrs. Campbell wanted a particular buff coloration, so she added Penciled Runners to the mix. The result was the attractive, excellent laying Khaki Campbells that we know today.

Mrs. Campbell introduced her breed to the public in 1898, and the ducks were first imported to the United States in 1929. They were added to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1941.

For small farmers and flock keepers who want an all-purpose duck, the Khaki Campbell is an excellent choice. You will never want for eggs, and they grow to a heavy enough weight to make them good for meat.

Some breeders exhibit Khaki Campbells, and they are included in the standard of perfection. Mrs. Campbell insisted that she developed the breed for production and not for exhibition.

Colors: Khaki

Conservation Status: Watch. This means that there are fewer than 10 primary breeding flocks.

Weights: Young Male 4 lbs, Young Female 3.5 lbs

APA Class: Light Duck

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Khaki Campbell Ducklings

Khaki Campbell Ducklings

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